Through a collaborative and supportive community effort, we ensure all Jenkins students are encouraged and prepared to be successful lifelong learners, thinkers relators and leaders.  Jenkins students develop the skills necessary to be engaged and productive members of society.  Specifically, our students take maximum responsibility for their lives, utilize their individual strengths to inform career choice,  create healthy and meaningful connections with others and are of the highest character.   


The mission of the Jenkins Middle School counseling team is to provide students full access to a collaborative, comprehensive school counseling program that empowers students to have maximum control of their learning.  As a school community, we foster that responsibility through equitable experiences that are exciting and relevant to each student’s lives and needs. We believe all students have individual strengths that contribute to their ability to achieve high-quality results and outcomes leading to a clear pattern of success for every student, now and in the future, to profoundly impact the world. Our work is guided by sound, ethically responsible decision-making regarding student needs. We operate in a professional manner through integrity and acceptance of the significant leadership role we play in advocating for students.